VDES Customized Introduction

A 2-hour virtual individual VDES introduction, enabling you to answer:

  • history and why we have VDES today
  • what is VDES
  • the different parts of VDES and their potential usage
  • where to find documentation
  • who are the players and influencers
  • what is the current status
  • and answering your generic VDES questions during or after the meeting
  • Price: € 1950 (ex. VAT) for your individual 2-hour virtual meeting, up to 30 participants

VDES Expert Training

You have decided that your technical team needs in-depth insights into the technical specifications of VDES. This VDES technical training will give you:

  • overview over all VDES documentation ressources available
  • how to read the VDES standard
  • deep insight into the different VDES technologies and their intended purposes:
    • AIS
    • VDE-ASM
    • VDE-Terrestrial
    • VDE-Satellite
  • understanding of the bits and bytes
  • the necessary know how to start developing devices and equipment
  • performed by our CTO, Stefan Pielmeier, who participates in VDES standardisation since 2014
  • 4 virtual sessions of 2 hours each, including questions and answers and in-depth
  • Price: € 6950 (ex. VAT) for your individual training series, arranged over min. 2 weeks, up to 10 participants

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