Plan your training and test setup

Do you have plans to offer maritime digital services exploiting the new VDES standard? Then, it is time to start upgrading your team with required competencies and setting up an effective test enviroment.

Sternula just added a number of items to our offerings, enabling you to prepare an effective VDES ramp-up project.

  1. VDES introductory training is a two-hour session for the core team and stakeholders to learn about the VDES technology in context of existing platforms. After the training, you will be able to make decisions on what VDES should be used for as well as what it should not be used for.
  2. VDES expert training is a series of workshops for the core technical team to learn in depth how to develop VDES solutions. After the training, you will know how VDES works, how solutions should exploit the different elements, where to find more information, how to interact with standardization, and much more. This training can be customized for your project.
  3. VDE-SAT sandbox is a cloud-based VDES test platform with the right end-to-end interfaces (gateway and ship equipment). The VDE-SAT sandbox allows your technical team to implement maritime services with a realistic and easy test environment at hand.

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