The maritime authority is responsible for maritime safety and a range of navigational services within its waters. It is important for the maritime authority that implemented solutions are available to everyone in their waters of jurisdiction at the lowest possible cost.

Maritime authorities globally are working right now to deploy and take advantage of the new VDES technology. Existing AIS systems deployed in the coastal VHF radio network will be upgraded to VDE-TER which will open up for a range of new services.

VDE-SAT enables the maritime authority to extend access to its services in GMDSS area A2-A4. VDE-SAT will be key to effective provisioning of mandatory services in Arctic waters.

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The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)

VDES is standardized by IALA, the international association for maritime authorities and industry. Detailed information about IALA’s ongoing activities can be found at this link.

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