Maritime communication using data reduction, satellites, AIS 2.0, and terrestrial systems


The objective of the project is to develop a maritime digital connectivity platform for small and mid-sized commercial and private vessels up to about 50m in length. The platform will be able to collect data from onboard systems of a vessel, compress it and transmit it to desired terrestrial destination using the new generation of Automatic Identification System – AIS 2.0, also referred to as VDES (VHF Data Exchange System). With this solution, we will be able to support various types of onboard equipment monitoring systems that can improve safety at sea, prevent vessel equipment failure, or help with optimizing the fuel consumption, to mention just a few.

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Project description:

In this project, data from a vessel motion sensor, for instance from Dacoma‘s revolutionary Airkeel vessel stabilizer, will be compressed and sent to Sternula MMS Proxy, which will subsequently decide which data transport option is the best at any given time.

In the case of the first two routes – VDE-SAT or VDE-TER connection – the compressed data from Sternula MMS Proxy is transmitted through SAAB R6 to Sternula’s satellite or directly to the VDES coast station. If the vessel is in proximity to the shore, the LTE network can be used instead, leveraging HarborMax’s Maricomm LTE-MACORSAT unit

After the data reaches the shore monitoring center, it becomes available for analysis. Operational recommendations and commands can then be relayed back to the vessel and, in the Airkeel case, almost in real-time through the same communication route.


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The unique composition of the consortium also allows to target some of the areas the maritime industry currently tries to improve:

The MACORSAT project is a collaboration between four innovative partners and the partnership is co-funded by the European Union through Horizon Europe. Eurostars is part of the European Partnership on Innovative SMEs.

The partners

The following entities are partners in the MACORSAT project:


Sternula is Denmark’s first commercial satellite operator, offering global VDE-SAT connectivity for maritime authorities and industries using their own fleet of advanced micro satellites in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) from which the first one was launched in January 2023. They take an active role together with global maritime stakeholders to standardize VDES under IALA, IMO, and ITU.

Contact Sternula:
Marika Jensen
MACORSAT Project Manager
+45 2230 8832

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DACOMA designs, manufactures, and delivers innovative vessel stabilizer solutions for work and crew boats used e.g. in the offshore wind industry. Their goal is to increase productivity of service and installation personnel due to eliminating motion sickness, to make crew transfer safer, and to increase vessel utilization due to improved seakeeping.

Contact DACOMA:
Arnd Baurichter
+45 2912 1505

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HarborMax is based in South Korea and their main business is high level ICT Services for the ship. They supply long range global Matine LTE routers to provide the integrated seamless connectivity with Sternula by using their maritime broadband communication technologies.

Contact HarborMax:
DongYeop Han
Project Manager/Senior Researcher


Nordic Data Group has multiple years of experience within innovative IT and data consulting, specializing in solutions targeted at the Danish municipalities and their digital administration. The solutions range widely from robot technology and SaaS to data analyzes as well as collaboration and consulting. The starting point and objectives are the use of data to create new knowledge, smarter processes and increased efficiency for the benefit of both citizens and municipalities.

Contact Nordic Data Group:
Morten Lindblad
+45 61 65 55 48