Analyst: Sternula is a global VDES market niche leader

Comprehensive research by market analyst firm, Data Bridge, pointed to Sternula as a global leader in the emerging VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) market. Sternula was specifically cited as a key player for the satellite-to-ship/ship-to-satellite communication niche.

The report pointed that the global VDES market is segmented into seven notable usage segments, including the broadcast of Maritime Safety Information (MSI) which is expected to dominate other segments such as Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) communication, Search and Rescue (SAR) communication, route exchange, ship reporting, charts, and logistics, which will all be covered by Sternula’s offerings.

Lars Moltsen, CEO and co-founder of Sternula, said: “We are very satisfied to be highlighted as a future global leader in VDES connectivity. Right now, the market is forming itself and key players are defining their roles. Our role is that we are going to connect the oceans, meaning that we want to guarantee a full global reach of the technology.

The new market research by Data Bridge, which is first of its kind on the VDES market, can be found at this link.