Ghana chooses satellite-based VDES from Sternula

As part of an ambitious plan to strengthen Ghana as a maritime forerunner in West Africa, commercial satellite operator Sternula has just entered a new partnership with the Ghana Maritime Authority. With the new partnership, satellite-based VDES shall be used for navigational and safety-related purposes in Ghanaian waters – a service that is in increasing demand globally.

As one of Africa’s leading seafaring nations, Ghana is attracting more and more merchant traffic in and around the country’s largest ports. Therefore, it has become of governmental interest to integrate new technology to improve safety as well as efficiency of maritime trade and transport along the Ghanaian coast.

– In line with our ambitious goals, today we are entering into a Memorandum of Understanding with the first Danish satellite operator. This marks the beginning of a new partnership that could lead to the deployment of cutting edge technologies in our maritime domain,” the Director General of the Ghana Maritime Authority, Mr Thomas Alonsi, said.

Images from the signing ceremony on 8 June, 2021:

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