New investors in Sternula

Today, Sternula announced that we have signed an investment agreement with SAT Invest, owned by Danish angel investors, Anders Harbo Thomsen and Søren Lund Thomsen. Also, Sternula has secured new loans from Nordjysk Lånefond (North Jutland Loan Fund). The two deals together provide approximately DKK 1.8 million (€242,000) for satellite network development and operational setup in Sternula.

Sternula and SAT Invest is a perfect match in terms of both business focus, timing, and personal trust. Lars Moltsen, CEO and co-founder of Sternula, said: “We are very excited that Anders and Søren want to be part of our mission to build an affordable satellite connection for maritime digital services with a global scale. We are also very happy and proud that Nordjysk Lånefond wants to support us. We would not be able to realize our ambitions without the trust of such visionary investors.

Following the completion of due dilligence, Anders Harbo Thomsen elaborated: “Sternula is a very interesting new company which we believe is going to revolutionize the maritime sector in the coming years. Being able to transfer data via satellite over the VHF antenna is going to open up for a range of new services which are impossible today. We have been following the development of the company over the past two years, and we see how the founder team has made great progress and done everything right from the idea stage to execution.

Sternula will be raising more funds in 2021. If you want to learn about investment opportunities, contact us for further information.

Photo: To close the deal with SAT Invest, a new COVID-19-safe handshake was invented by Anders Harbo Thomsen (left) and Lars Moltsen (right).