Sierra Leone strengthens maritime security capabilities in new partnership with Sternula

Sierra Leone positions itself as a first-mover in maritime digitalization by partnering with Sternula, the world’s first commercial provider of satellite-based VDES.

Sierra Leone, who is controlling one of Africa’s busiest territorial waters, wants to improve its capabilities for digital implementation of key IMO instruments for navigation and safety at sea. VDES is an extension of the mandatory AIS technology and has been developed as a means for maritime digitalization as specified in the IMO e-Navigation Strategy Implementation Plan.

– There is a great potential in implementing this satellite-based e-Navigation technology to boost the entire country’s maritime sector. The new relationship will help the country gain a better and more accurate picture of the traffic in our waters, which in these time of maritime insecurity is an urgent necessity, says Acting Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration (SLMA), Sama Gamanga.

– We are very pleased to start this second collaboration in West Africa in just a few months. At Sternula, we are currently building a satellite network for VDES, which is going to be a shared infrastructure for all nations in the World who wants to be part of it. In parallel, we are working closely with the first-movers, like Sierra Leone, to implement our systems and capacity to best meet your needs, and I am looking much forward to meet you soon in Sierra Leone to discuss these needs in more detail, says CEO at Sternula, Lars Moltsen.

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Read the full press release at this link.

Images from the signing event 14 July, 2021: