Sternula and Ghana leading the way in maritime digitalization

The AIS 2.0 (VDES) technology will be critical for the digitalization of the maritime industry globally. During a week of inspiring and productive discussions in Accra, Sternula and the Ghana Maritime Authority looked into the first use cases to be tested over the upcoming satellite network. An open workshop was held to invite more coastal nations into collaborations around e-Navigation and AIS 2.0.

Sternula plays a pivotal role in the project as the provider of next generation Automatic Identification System (AIS 2.0), also referred to as VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) – a technology that eases communication between vessels and authorities on land. The ambition of the project is not only to strengthen the maritime sector of Ghana but also to have a model for future implementation of satellite based AIS 2.0 in other areas:

– We are very pleased to finally initiate the partnership. Partly because the maritime industry in West Africa possesses an enormous potential for utilization of satellite-based e-navigation technology due to a large amount of sea-based trade in the region. But also because we now will be at the forefront of developing AIS 2.0-based services, which will potentially play an important role in maritime digitalization on a global scale, says CEO in Sternula, Lars Moltsen.  

A recording of Lars Moltsen’s presentation at the open workshop

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