Sternula and partners will develop the first European VDES test platform

Sign up for the online information workshop on 24 June at 09:00 CET at this link.

The new “VDES Living Lab” project will establish an open testbed to allow maritime organizations to test digital services designed to utilize the new VDES technology. Are you curious about how to get started, or how the new technology can make a difference for your company? Sign up for this workshop, where we will focus on dialogue about the project’s potentials and opportunities.

VDES is a new global system for broadcasting navigational alerts and weather forecasts, collecting equipment data, and many other digital services. It works both terrestrial (between ships and ship-to-shore) and via satellite. VDES is the successor of the existing AIS system, which is used to track more than 200,000 ships today. VDES adds open data exchange capacity, which makes it possible to exchange all kinds of data and will be an essential element in the digital revolution of the maritime industry.

The “VDES Living Lab” project is supported by Den Danske Maritime Fond.