Sternula is a 2020 Maritime Star

We are proud to announce that Sternula is a 2020 Maritime Star, a MARCOD initiative supported by the European Union and The Danish Industry Foundation.

This award is important to Sternula as a new business with an ambition to be an important maritime industry actor. The acknowledgement by key maritime industry experts gives us extra fuel to keep working hard to bring innovation and new technology to the sector.

Being a Maritime Star give us the opportunity to work together with many players and experts in the maritime sector providing us different perspectives of the actual needs and challenges of the field and by this we can deliver services regarding the market main demands,“ said Lars Moltsen, CEO of Sternula. “It was a great experience for us to participate in a fantastic competition along with a range of innovative start-ups from the Danish maritime sector.

Sternula’s presentation showed the judges how the company will modernize the maritime sector though satellite-based VDES allowing a more efficient and secure way of data transmission at open sea.

Check out contest information including videos at MARCOD.