Sternula raises new capital for global commercialization

Sternula, which is world’s first commercial satellite operator offering global VDES connectivity, has raised another DKK 6.6 million (€900,000) from 21 new private investors for early commercializing of its maritime satellite service. The project of building a satellite infrastructure, including the first satellite (the MARIOT project) has already been supported by DKK 20 million (€2.6 million) from Innovation Fund Denmark in 2020.

The 21 new investors consist of both Danish and foreign investors, including the founder of the Autorola Group, Peter Grøftehauge, who has also been elected to the company’s board of directors:

– Sternula is a wildly exciting project. If we succeed in laying out the right strategy, then it can end up being a very large company. The two founders are super-ambitious and have seen an opportunity in the market that no one else has yet taken advantage of, says Peter Grøftehauge, who after the investment round owns more than 18% of the company.

The new private investment adds to significant public funding from Innovation Fund Denmark.

– It is crucial that Danish society gets the most value out of the money that Innovation Fund Denmark invests in research and innovation. It is a hallmark of the MARIOT project, and thus also our investment, that it has now succeeded in attracting private investors. There is no doubt that the project will create great value for all of us, says Director of Innovation Fund Denmark, Anne-Marie Levy Rasmussen.

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