Sternula to provide VDES and MMS technology for SIMAC’s MARS – Maritime Autonomous Reliable Systems project.



MARS is a high-profile Danish project to establish a cutting-edge platform for developing and testing autonomous maritime systems. At Sternula, we had a visit by Jan Askholm and Charlotte Kirkegaard Flugt, where the contract was signed and visions were shared.

The MARS project will be under the “Worldwide AIS 2.0 Demo” program, where Sternula facilitates the sharing of concepts and ideas between organizations that are taking a lead in maritime digital transformation.

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Lars Moltsen, CEO and co-founder of Sternula said: “I am very impressed by the visionary activities carried out at SIMAC. The MARS project is world-leading in terms of technological ambition and capabilities. We are looking forward to collaborating with the team at SIMAC and other partners in the MARS project.”

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About AIS 2.0 (VDES):

  • it is the new communication solution to implement the e-Navigation strategy
  • AIS 2.0 is an extension to AIS, adding two-way data channels over VHF
  • by using special satellite channels (up and down), every ship with a VHF antenna will be able to communicate globally