VDE-SAT Spectrum – A Giant Milestone

This week at the ITU World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19), new radio frequency spectrum in the VHF band was allocated for VDE-SAT, the satellite component of VDES. This marks a significant milestone in the digitalization of the maritime sector.

Founder of Sternula and CTO, Stefan Pielmeier, who participated in WRC-19 as part of the Danish delegation, said: “Digitalization in the maritime industry has happened much slower than in comparable industries. The main reason has been the lack of global, cost-efficient connectivity options. The new allocation of radio frequencies for VDE-SAT means that sailors all over the world will now get access to a range of global e-Navigation services over standard AIS/VDES equipment“.

VDES is the next generation of the popular AIS technology. VDES adds new two-way data channels to AIS, enabling e.g. efficient delivery of weather and ice services integrated with onboard electronic charting systems (ECDIS). Moreover, better safety systems can be deployed and new solutions for preventive monitoring of engines and boilers can be developed. VDES solves the connectivity problem and shipping companies will soon be harvesting the fruits in the form of increased operational efficiency.

Photo source: ITU.