Installation of AIS 2.0 (VDES), Sternula MMS Proxy, and display unit on Royal Arctic Line A/S’s container vessel!

A full installation of AIS 2.0 (VDES), Sternula MMS Proxy, and 4G Above Deck Unit was done on Royal Arctic Line A/S’s container vessel, Malik Arctica! 

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This is a milestone for our ongoing MARIOT (Maritime IoT) project, which aims to revolutionize the maritime industry by enabling a digital transformation through highly secure connectivity with ship bridge equipment.

The MARIOT project is a collaboration between six innovative partners (SternulaDanmarks Meteorologiske InstitutGatehouse SatcomAalborg UniversitySatlab A/S, and Space Inventor) and is supported by Innovation Fund Denmark. Its goal is to develop satellite-based maritime connectivity and demonstrate selected maritime/Arctic services such as digital weather bulletins and ice charts.


The installation, carried out this week, was coordinated by our dedicated team at Sternula, led by Sebastian Buur Jensen, in collaboration with Polaris Electronics A/S. Together, we have taken a crucial step towards enhancing maritime connectivity in challenging regions in the Arctics. Malik is sailing from Aarhus in Denmark to Nuuk in Greenland later this month.

About AIS 2.0 (VDES):

  • it is the new communication solution to implement the e-Navigation strategy
  • AIS 2.0 is an extension to AIS, adding two-way data channels over VHF
  • by using special satellite channels (up and down), every ship with a VHF antenna will be able to communicate globally