The following entities are partners in the MARIOT project:

Sternula is the project leader of MARIOT and will become Denmark’s first commercial satellite operator through its participation in MARIOT. The company is building a global VDE-SAT constellation for maritime safety and navigational services.

  • Contact Sternula: Stefan Pielmeier, CTO and MARIOT Project Manager, +45 3116 3910

Aalborg University (AAU) is known for its problem-based research and learning methods. According to MIT rankings, AAU is World’s 4th and the European leader in engineering. The AAU space research unit involved in MARIOT has previously launched and operated 5 satellites.

  • Contact AAU: Jens Dalsgaard Nielsen, Associate Professor, +45 2872 8753

Danmark Meteorologiske Institut (DMI) is the Danish governmental weather services organization offering its services to the public and businesses in Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland. In the MARIOT project, DMI will be developing ice services for provisioning over VDES.

  • Contact DMI: Till Soya Rasmussen, Data Scientist, +45 3915 7317

GateHouse is specialized in software solutions for optimizations, flexibility, and mission critical operations within tracking, monitoring, and satellite communication. Within scope of the MARIOT project, GateHouse will develop a VDE-SAT backhaul solution.

  • Contact GateHouse: Per Koch, Business Development, +45 4061 5005

Satlab is a provider of state-of-the-art Software-Defined Radio (SDR) subsystems for micro- and nano-satellites along with more traditional hardware-based transceivers for Telemetry, Tracking, and Command (TT&C). Satlab will develop a VDE-SAT radio module in the project.

  • Contact Satlab: Jesper Abildgaard Larsen, Project Manager, +45 5170 0417

Space Inventor is a satellite engineering company and a New Space pioneer. Space Inventor designs, builds, and tests a range of avionics products based on most stringent reliability requirements. Space Inventor is responsible for the satellite platform in MARIOT.

  • Contact Space Inventor: Karl Kaas, CEO, +45 3120 8210