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VDE-SAT Emulation Platform Access

The VDE-SAT Emulation Platform provides access to our VDE-SAT emulation platform with following functions:

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Figure 1

Access to our VDE-SAT Gateway to connect your service platform (left in Figure 1):

  • REST interface
  • transporting messages to the emulated ship
  • broadcast and unicast supported

Access to your own emulated ship VDES transceiver and MMS proxy (right in Figure 1):

  • REST interface
  • data content according to IALA Guideline G1139
  • transporting messages from and to your service behind the VDE-SAT gateway

Emulated ship

  • position can be changed
  • MMSI assigned by Sternula

Emulated VDE-SAT satellite network

  • Sternula network generation can be changed (number of satellites 1-80)
  • time base can be adjusted (factors 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000) to speed up simulations
Price: € 900 (ex. VAT)/month/License: one ship, one service (yearly subscription available)

Ship VDES Transceiver Emulator Hardware

You are using our VDE-SAT Emulation Platform. Now, you would like to have a real hardware Ethernet port to connect your ship equipment to. The Ship VDES Transceiver Emulator Hardware gives you the following:

2020 11 06 hw 1024x427 1
Figure 2

A hardware box having 2 ethernet ports:

  • bridge equipment port: IEC61162-450 port connecting directly to your ship equipment, which you develop, transporting VDE-SAT data back and forth
  • internet WAN port: connecting through your internet connection with our VDE-SAT emulation platform
  • WiFi: connect to a local webpage to configure the box
Price: € 6500 (ex. VAT)

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